About us

"Huitink has been active as a supplier and machine builder for many branches of industry for over 50 years."


Was the year to reposition ourselves in the market. Our entire team is enthusiastic and motivated to grow our company and take it to an even higher level with our professional knowledge.

We have a spacious production facility and an interesting mix of employees, both in terms of age and expertise. We are happy to assist you, for any type of work.

Twents composure,       
          thorough craftsmanship”

Our mission

Our mission is clear and simple: We want to serve our customers with good and reliable craftsmanship!

Special and difficult jobs? We’re here for it!

How can we be of service?

We are honest and treat each other with respect.


We work on the basis of good faith because we always intend to do a good job. You can hold us to that.


We work hard and have fun at our job. We enjoy going to work every day to make beautiful products for you.


No fuss or unnecessary paperwork, but roll up your sleeves and get on with it. Due to our self-solving ability and resourceful nature, we always find a solution for your issue or problem.


We feel responsible for the success of your project, even if we’re only working on one part of it ourselves. We feel involved from start to finish and where necessary we solve problems immediately.


Huitink Oldenzaal

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Huitink Oldenzaal
Edisonstraat 42
7575 AT Oldenzaal

We are looking for you!

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